quarta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2008

Doubts of one night - M

Now the beggining is in the end
And if it's not real you can just pretend
It's really funny this love thing
The way I found my soul mate
In someone so different of me

Will you fly away
And bring me a star?
Would you beg me to stay,
Telling me not to go very far?

So many doubts surrounding me this night
They're flying on my mind
Please honey just hold me tight
Cos this is the way I'm feeling inside

Would you walk on water and catch me if I fall?
Will you pick up the phone everytime I call?
Can I kiss you everytime I want to?
And if I just need someone by my side, can I count on you?

But when I'm in your arms
All my fears just go away
Cos my darling
It was since the first day

You have turned
All my world upside down
And I really feel like
My happiness is all about you now

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