domingo, 19 de outubro de 2008

bloquinho de memórias - aquela música do segredo que nunca disse a ninguém

We've had such a great time
In these past two months
I never laughed so much
In my life
It's been all about us
Since that time we had
That intimate talk
Suddenly your actin' strange
Plus your conversation
Just upped and changed
Is it because your afraid
What you feelin' for me
Is the beginning of a
New heart break?
Hear me when I say

You ain't gotta
Give me your love
You ain't gotta
Say I'm your one
You ain't gotta
Tell me where you be
'Cause you ain't
Obligated to me

I'm not sayin' that
You should just
Rush and give me
Your heart
I'm just askin' that you
Like me real hard
Just like me real hard

You know just like I know
We've been broken by love
And we both need time to heal
That's why
In this short amount of time
We've grown so close
'Cause you relate to
Everything I feel
So let's not complicate things
By placing titles on you and I
But what we can do
Before we make the next move
We gotta find the perfect
Reason why.

You ain't ready
To fall in love
And I ain't ready to
Care so much
We ain't ready for commitment
Right now
But together we can
Work something out

When the time is right
Cause we will feel it in our hearts
It will be written in the stars
But for now
Just like me real hard

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