segunda-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2009

Speechless - the original

They're talking. I don't know what they are talking about. My eyes are lost on the shapeless form of the ocean. Waves come and go, - like so many things in my life - the wind sings me such a beautiful song, while the sand is drawing my feet on herself. It's so good to breathe again without have to dry a tear. Yes, I'm still upset. For letting this go. This feeling that really makes me feel alive. With this strenght I could climb on mountains, but now... I'm not even strong enough to fake a smile, to pretend everything's ok. So, I'm coming back to memories. Back to the day we were throwing rocks to the river, forgivin and forgetting all we've being through. Maybe the best day of my life. I felt us stronger than before. But we're getting weaker again. That stupid connection, I want it back. It's really missing something and I just can'te find out what it is. Is more than words, than phone calls, than playing guitar or talking about nothing. It's all about trust, friendship, that special feeling that I know you don't really feel anymore, a damn moment like the one when we were throwing rocks, after a long and extremely neccessary conversation.

I'll stop for a while.
My hand is now in the cold water and my soul is being washed. Just speechless, like my heart #


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