domingo, 12 de junho de 2011

Barry the Blue Bird - A Poem - Part I

I once had a blue bird
and I called him Barry
but it could have been
Ted or Ned or Larry

One day I was careless
and I opened his cage
and Barry the blue bird
well... he just flew away.

I will never forget
how he carried a tune
how he sang at the stars
how he prayed to the moon

he was happy, I know,
inside his little cell
for the way that he sang
I sure could tell

it was happiness i heard
and some loyalty too:
He would never escape!
Somehow, I just knew.

So I kept him alive
and I built him a Home
and I kept him locked up
in his little abode.

Sure as I was
that he wouldn't escape
I'd let him go fly
on occasional days.

I was sure he'd return.
But he never came back...
I'm sure he's just lost
wherever he's at.

And he misses me, I'm sure
when he looks at the moon:
he sits and he cries
and he sings a sad tune...

por Patrícia Dinis


ps. achei este poema uma delícia e decidi partilhar, com a devida autorização da autora claro! Espero que tenham gostado :)

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Patricia disse...

Também espero que gostem! Muito obrigada por partilhares :)

branwyn disse...

que doce poema :) amei!

Patricia disse...