terça-feira, 20 de novembro de 2012

postcrossing feedback #2

"Hei! Thank you for the nice cork-card! 

What i could tell from Finland? There is thousands of lakes and lot of forest in Finland. Finland is a beautiful country especially in the summer and the winter. (in my mind)...Sometimes in the winter it is very cold(In january and February). Right now there is a thick snowfall. 

It´s really nice to hear that you dream of a farm. This work is challenging, interesting but also hard.I hope your dream is true one day. Sorry ,i write only little bit of english.(i use a translation program)I hope all the best for You! wellcame to Finland. 

Best wishes, 

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PS disse...

Já andei a ver do site e já me inscrevi. Falta meter um pequeno "sobre mim" no profile mas está a caminhar :D
Muito obrigado pela ajuda :)