sábado, 14 de setembro de 2013

thank you for great memories!

Last days are always a mix of feelings. After spending most of my summer in Greece, working at Oceania Club, I can see now that I lived a lot, learned a lot and that I was completely blessed when I first arrived here. The first times were hard, I was missing so much my family and friends, my country, my normal life. The work wasn't what I expected and I felt that I really wanted to give up. One day I woke up, I started to see this as a challenge and it's true what they say: that in the end you will look back and realise that after all it was completely worth it. After all, I got a new kind of family in an awesome cafe near our accomodation, that took care of me like I was one of theirs. I made fantastic friends that really gave attention to the little things of a friendship and made me think about what is important to me, in my life. I worked a lot, I got tired, I got sick, I cried like a baby because of being exhausted, I complained, then I changed my behaviour, I got better, I met really nice guests that made my job worth it, I made mistakes that turned out good stories to tell and laugh about, I got opportunities to learn a bit more and to joke a bit more. 

Yesterday at night, in the beach, we saw about 200 candles light up with the words "Obrigado para as memórias". Of course, Google Translate never translates it properly but it was the meaning that touched me (and Miguel). Are those kind of moments that I keep in my heart and make me feel that I really made some difference around here. Other small gestures I don't forget also: a hug when I was feeling down or simply because they felt like hugging me, some kind help when I felt I was completely tired and fucked up with work, a good conversation about everything and nothing, laughing about stupid things, doing silly things without shame, doing a small trip and getting stories to tell (Mr. Timoleon Antonakis you have to send us the pictures of the day we tried to give blood ahah) and I could continue... 

Maria, my greek mother, offered me a wonderful painting from her and one of her first handmade necklesses. It touched my heart in a way that I didn't feel for so long. I now carry one of the most beautiful necklesses I've ever had, with so much meaning. And the painting, I was so afraid to lose it or ruin it during our next trip that I will receive it by mail and I will put in a special place at home. And much more other beautiful stories like this I have to tell. I won't forget this summer. I won't forget the kindness, the friendship, the moments. I won't forget what some people wrote in my notebook, it was truly touching. I won't forget a single person. 

So thank you, thank you all for making Nea Moudania a unforgettable place and for such a memorable and unique adventure. My dream is to travel the world and this was a great, great start :)

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