sábado, 12 de janeiro de 2008

Lovely Angel

Lovely Angel
Hate can be like Love
But much more faithful
And you’re so lost in life
Each day’s a torture
Saw in your eyes
True disappointment
Tired of lies
And broken promises

One day I will reach you
One day I will give you
New reasons to smile again
And I know that you’ll be stronger
One day I will heal you
One day I will save you
From the things that make you cry
And I know that you will be my lovely angel

Love can be like Hate
But much more painful
And you’re just wasting time
Trusting in Passion
Felt in your Soul
Pure disenchantment
Tired of cries
And anger moments

(pra mim mesma, do meu imaginario - uma forçazinha)

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