sábado, 28 de março de 2009

Best Friend - Derek Cate

When you tell me that you love me
and you place no one above me.
Your words they send me to the moon and back
I'm so glad I've got you. Yeah.
And when I'm feeling down and blue
all I gotta do is turn to you
no matter how crazy mind gets
I get to come home to you.

When I speak your name on a cloudy day
the sun starts shining I get a smile on my face.

You're so beautiful baby
you're so beautiful and elegant
My angel that was heaven sent
my love til the very end
And I love you
said I love you why I surely do

Forever and for always
I'll be right by your side
time and time again
cause you more than a better half

forever this love will last baby
you're the best I have cause
you're my best friend.

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